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Please read this Software License Agreement carefully before downloading any product from our site.

The requirements
to install and run Trillcode is to have a phone supporting Java MIDP 2.0 with camera. You can install the midlet by entering the following URL in your phone browser:
Now that you have the application installed you may want to try some samples.

that may occur can be addressed to the support team using the support form or email support(at)
We will appreciate anyone who shares his opinions and experience with Trillcode.

Developers looking for a SDK having a very small footprint (20 kB), but powerful library can contact us here to discuss details.
Game developers benefit from a special free version of our SDK and embed it in games where purchasing new levels, heroes, resources or playing outdoor games in a new manner can be succesful on a crowd market.


Ver 3.6.0, December 01, 2007 (planned)
-support for Samsung, LG, Sagem phones
-support for additional languages
-enhance abilities of the "basic" version to be compatible with more phones and to read bigger trillcodes
-fix reading barcode problem when upgrading from version 2.0 or 3.0

Ver 3.4.0, October 17, 2007
-compatibility list reviewed and small improvments for Motorola and Siemens phones

Ver 3.26, October 10, 2007
-better rate detection for some phones
-new options offered by the encoder to make more apealing trillcodes by providing additional graphics

Ver 3.2, September 27, 2007
-split phone type versions and support for Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Siemens
-better reading accuracy for some phones

Ver 3.0, July 03, 2007
-support for animation trillcodes
-great speed improvment
-better recognition in uneven light conditions
-added sell property action
-dropped scan mode as it was not supported well by the phones software
-dropped color codes, only a few phones could get a decent recognition rate

Ver 2.2 (internal), May 25, 2007
-color codes testings

Ver 2.0, March 23, 2007
-possibility to place a logo image inside the code
-increased capacity to 210 characters
-added form and melody actions

Ver 1.0, February 22, 2007
-final release of version 1.0
-increased capacity to 86 characters

Ver 0.6, November 11, 2006
-added ticket support
-option to scan or snapshot codes

Ver 0.4, October 26, 2006
-changed name to trillcode
-new barcode format
-better accuracy
-added contact and download actions

Ver 0.2, August 09, 2006
-improvments on reading barcode

Ver 0.1, August 04, 2006
-first design of trillcode (code name: fastcode)
-poor recognition by reader application