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What is it. Trillcode is a 2D barcode made to be used with mobile phones. Its strength is the scalable design which will allow not only increasing capacity, but inside modifications as well. Stay tuned to see what new features will be added regularly.

What can it do. It can do lots of things: from showing an advertisement to navigating a web site, sending a SMS, dialing a number, sending an email, adding contacts or events into the phone lists, sending forms or playing music.
Our product is well suited for media, advertising and marketing companies, but any company that has a public presence can benefit from it's mass audience.

Custom solutions. We can provide custom solutions based on this technology to fulfill your needs.
Promotions, tickets, advertisements, business cards, marketing research with feedback, content download - all you can imagine we can implement in a dedicated solution.

Great opportunity. We are always looking for partners or resellers all around the world.
3 easy steps.
It was never so easy to address a message to so many people
and instantly have a feedback from them. Let's see what are the steps involved from the client point of view:
1. POINT your phone to a trillcode located on a wall, newspaper or monitor
2. SHOOT and the Trillcode application will give you the clear content of the code
3. TAKE ACTION and participate in campaign with a single key press