NEW animation codes
    NEW sell properties
    NEW send order forms/ feedback
  • download content
  • launch web site
    SOON color codes
    NEW play melodies
  • dial number/ send SMS
  • add contacts/ events
  • display advertisements
The main features of our product are:

-is build from the ground to be used with camera phones

-it's one of the few which has the decoder integrated in the phone application and does not rely on server decoding - this mean no data traffic and more important no cost at all for users

-is scalable, you can input 8-210 characters (numbers, letters, signs) and the size accomodate with your data.

-is fast

-has a very good rate of recognition even at small code dimensions

-is the first to allow placing a logo image inside the code as far as we know

-has a distinct and pleasant looking design

-is omnidirectional

-is the first to embed forms making it easy to place orders or generate feedback