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How to Please go to Download section and get the trillcode phone application. Then come back, start the application, point and shoot the images below and evaluate its performance.

Use the
Support form or just a regular email to send us at support(at) your results and pertinent observations.

Contact us to discuss how we can establish a partnership using the Contact form (contact(at) Our current offer include rebranding the mobile application and web encoder for use on your site, selling the PC encoder or generating single barcodes for marketing campaigns.

Animated/Image codes Make a high visual impact with animated or full color images embedded in your trillcodes

Web sites
Link your web site with a trillcode


Image/Logo codes Place your company logo or product image inside or outside the code and use it as an Internet hyperlink or an advertisement

Sell properties Use trillcodes in real estate business advertising your properties

Location: Aberdeen, UK
Rooms: 6
Baths: 3
Surface: 210 sq. m
Yard: 630 sq. m
Price: 460000 $
Phone: +001234567890 (Call/SMS option)
Images: URL link (View option, up to 5 pictures)

Contacts Make business codes for all your employes with name, phone, email and custom data

Phone: +001234567890
Note: I'm a nice guy!
Phone: +001234567890
Note: I'm a nice girl!

Events Place trillcodes in public places inviting people to participate at your meetings, an alarm will be automatically set on mobile phones

BigCompany - meet us at the 7th World Mobile Expo, in London
Location: 3th Avenue, floor, stand 12
Start date: 14th of September, 10.00 AM
End date: 16th of September, 6.00 PM
Alarm on:
13th of September, 10.00 AM

SMS/Phone call
Send promotions codes by SMS or dial automatically a number to tell a predefined message and identification data

Dial: +001234567890
message: code 123456, win a car!
SMS: +001234567890
message: trillcode - true image code

Error correction Don't worry about minor scratches, the Trillcode can self-recover.


Content download Link all your products with a visual code

Advertisement/Product info Inform the clients about your offer

Trillcode: advertising, tickets, content, orders, events, quizzes
Trillcode: advertising, tickets, content links, orders, events, quizzes, marketing research, business cards, all in customized solutions


Forms Allow clients to send orders or feedback by SMS or WAP using input forms embedded into the barcode

SMS to +001234567890
Product: our best product
Price $: 19
Qty: user input
Total: automatic calculation (Price x Qty)
Name: user input
Phone: user input
Email: user input

Entertainment Allow clients Encode songs into the barcode and let the user enjoy listening them

Melody 1
Melody 2